Use goDriveGreenTM for your everyday driving to see and track your driving style, and learn just how much it’s costing you and our environment. The routes you select and efficiency of your driving style – including speed, idling time, and how hard you accelerate, decelerate, and corner - determine your Green Score. The higher your Green Score, the more mileage and cost savings you’ll get out of your fuel, brakes, and tires.

What's Your Green Score?
What's Your Green Score?

goDriveGreen gives you a few ways, tips, and challenges to improve your Green Score.

  • Review saved map routes you’ve driven to see where your fuel, brake, and tire wear was good as green or in the red. Take the challenge to improve your Green Score the next time you take that same trip.
  • Compare driving results from the different routes you’ve taken to a favorite destination. Find the best route for cutting down driving and idling time, miles, and fuel consumption.
  • If you have more than one vehicle, see which one has gotten you where you need to go most efficiently.
  • Because your fuel economy is greatly affected by environmental factors – and not just your driving style - check out dashboard Tips to see how lightening your load, removing that roof rack, inflating your tires properly, and more can get you farther for less. You’d be surprised...

Using goDriveGreen, you’ll take comfort in knowing you’re contributing to the health of our planet, conserving energy, and saving more money for you and your family.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.